Within the framework of the Erasmus + project “AccelEd” in the period from 03.10.2022 to 18.11.2022. PhD student of the educational program “Medicine” of the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, Shymkent city and assistants of the department of “Emergency medical care and nursing” Khojakulova Umida Abdyvalievna and Dana Auyezhankyzy completed a scientific internship at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences LSMU, Lithuania, Kaunas. The purpose of the scientific internship: to increase the interest of PhD students in the development of competencies for further study in doctoral studies, as well as the development of competencies for teaching and research in nursing in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
During the PhD scientific internship, doctoral students listened to lectures by professors from the USA, New York City – Jamesetta A. and Elizabeth Capezuti on the CAPSTONE project, lectures on qualitative research and analysis of clinical cases.

Doctoral students had free access to university clinics and got acquainted with the organization, work and record keeping. During the entire period of the internship, there was a constant practical participation of doctoral students in the work of the departments: endocrinology, cardiology, oncology and the hospital for palliative care.
The whole week of the internship was devoted to the “I-Days” event on advanced technologies that could improve the work of medical personnel. The objective of the training was to create, together with the Faculty of Technology, an innovative, practical and sustainable solution that contributes to the modernization of nursing services. During the event, students from various academic fields learned about current health system issues, learned how to solve real health problems using design thinking, engaging the public, listening to success stories, and learning how to present their idea to the evaluation committee. At the end of the training, doctoral students received certificates.
It was mandatory for undergraduate students to participate in class to experience and learn new pedagogical methods, while also improving their English language skills, which would enable them to be better prepared for their PhDs.
Participated in training and supervision sessions, research project meetings, PhD seminars, network meetings outside the university, and assisted researchers in research projects both at the university and with external partners. Doctoral students got access to the databases in the library of the LSMU to study publications, dissertations and articles. At the end of the internship in Lithuania , Khojakulova Umida Abdyvalievna and Dana Auyezkhankyzy were thanked for their active participation in the life of the university, awarded with diplomas and memorable souvenirs.


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